Sango Reef is a locked explorable area. In order to enter the reef, members must have a Scuba Set located anywhere on their account. It is the only location with accompanying music.

Sangoreef signsshadows


Sango Reef was discovered in 2012 when a Rislyki named Selich sought out help from King Blithe. The Reef had been overrun with crime, resulting in all the shops closing down and the once peaceful location becoming to dangerous to stay at. Members from around Mistica gathered Scuba Sets so they could descend to the reef and fight off Monty, the Mob Boss. With his retreat, the citizens of the reef began to reopen their businesses and live once again came to the area.

Linked Locations

The Edge - Members that have caught a Tasty Fish can lure in a Caribyss here.

Fishing - Members can attempt to catch a fish Misticpal once every hour.

Fish Monger - Daniel-san's sea food market.

Kelpie Clothing - Anemone's clothing shop that sells Kelpie specifc clothing.

The Pit - There are two types of interactions at the pit. Members can either fight the Dragonfish when it's present or explore the Pit for items.

Sea Witch Wonders - The Sea Witch's miscellaneous item shop.