There are several contests and Trivia games on Misticpets: Art Contest, Conjuring Contest, Writing Contest, Trivia, Distorted Pix, What am I?, and Totally Random.


Members may submit one relevant entry to the contests each month. The specified theme for a contest can be found on the contest page, as well as the submission box for the entry. The top three winners receive a trophy and either MP or MC depending on position. Depending on the number of members participating in the contest, a special Grace will also be awarded to the first place winner. The winning works are also displayed in the Mistica Chronicles.

Art Contest

Art entries may be a maximum of 450x300px, 400 KB, and must be a GIF, PNG, JPG, or JPEG.

Conjuring Contest

Conjuring replaced the poetry contest in June 2015. A submission can take any form that the member desires, but tends to lean towards real-life creations and photos.

Writing Contest

Writing entries are limited to 6000 characters (including spaces).


The various Trivia questions are all updated on Wednesday. The answers to each can be found onsite. A running total of correct answers in a row is kept on the individual trivia pages (of which not answering a question will not reduce). Correct answers reward an item and a small amount of MC, which can be seen below the question.

Distorted Pix

Members are given an image that has been distorted and must determine what the item is. Images may be faded, pixilated, twisted, flipped, or have colors slightly changed.

Totally Random

This trivia can be anything. Another of the other three trivia to wordsearchs to crosswords: anything.


Members are asked a question relevant to Misticpets. It may be when a pet was released, the name of a character from a readable book, etc.

What Am I?

Members are given three clues that will lead them to an NPC, place, pet, or item onsite.